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James & Usha (THEByleDuct)
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Most of you haven't met my beautiful Indian wife, Usha - this is her:

Yes I know ... I'm a very lucky man! On boxing day last year one of her nieces gave birth to a beautiful baby boy - this is him:

Unfortunately shortly after birth he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. That's why there are tubes sticking out of him. Life in India is cheap (I lived there for 12 years and saw some very sad sights). However our niece is determined to keep the baby. This has meant we have been supporting them financially for surgeries and medicine.
However funds are running low and paramedics aren't the best paid taxi drivers in the land. So I'm going to offer up for sale the hydraulic power take off with winch & tray tipper, and the air steps I bought from Tim when I purchased iLean. I will post a for sale notice in the next couple of days for these items but wanted to give everyone a heads up that they will soon be available. I'm sad to let them go but a life is certainly more important than a winch.
James & Usha
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Posts: 199 James, Sad news, hope all works out. what price are you looking for . Pto and winch
Happy trails

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