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G'day Peter & Sandra Just enquiring about offroad driving in your area, basically all the 4wd tracks over the years seem to be now locked in the Chichester area (eg Careys Peak, The Mountaineer etc) the only trail that I can think of would be out the back of Monkeria over Terrible Billy through the Karuah River area Do you know of any other. I live at Nelson Bay & since the National Parks took over every single bush track has been closed the only 2 places to use a 4wd is Samauri Beach & Stockton Beach (they charge a fee) and you can't guarentee them to remain open to the 4wd public. Waste of a good OKA sitting in the shed with no place to go! Input much appreciated Thanks Darren Lilly
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Peter & Sandra James Oka 374
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Yes not much around in Chichester SF these days, NP took the best bits and closed them off as you know. The other problem is that the forestry do things differently these days with clear felling being the usual practice which means all the small tracks between the "portions" are no longer used or maintained, the only ones open are all single track as the bikes keep using them.
There are a couple that are still open but very overgrown and closed in so nigh on impossible in an Oka.
There are still areas accessible off the Gloucester to Scone road across the tops but subject to seasonal and wet weather closure.
The most 4wd tracks around here are down in the Watagans or up around Coffs.
We've yet to put the Oka on stockton but visit a few times ayear in the Humvee.
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Tony Lee
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Still some reasonable forestry and NP tracks just north and NW of Bulahdelah that will give your winch a bit of a workout in the right (wrong) conditions.

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Hi Tony can you recommend any good maps that detail the forest tracks around Buladelah. Thanks Darren
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