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hey oka guys and girls,

chasing some info on the okas turbocharger. Model number and what footprint it has?(t-2 t-3 etc)

Im thinking about making an upgrade kit roller bearing garrett turbo, intercooler upgrade and 3.5" dump pipe and 3" exhaust.

If you are interested let me know
Cheers Travis
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G'day Travis. I am interested in what you are proposing, I got hold of some surplus new parts which came from a Mermaid (Ford) marine engine. It was a 4 litre, 4 cylinder engine and I think that some Ford and Perkins parts are interchangeable I am hoping they will fit. I have fuel injectors, fuel pump, inlet and outlet valves, lifters and a Holset Turbo which is bigger than the one on the Oka. I read that quite a few people upgrade to a bigger turbo so it would probably be best to maybe not get the standard Oka one. If the Holset turbo I have is suitable and worth while swapping I'll have the old one available to dispose of if your interested but that won't be for a couple of months as I am still away working at sea for quite a while yet. Anybody got any opinions on the compatability of the above parts would be appreciated.
Thanks Darren
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i deffinantly wont be using the standard turbo it will have an internal wastegate and ball bearings, not sure if i will use garrett or holset yet i need to know what the factory turbo was so i can use the factory manifold, i dont have an oka atm so i cant use my own for a template
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ps thanks for the offer mate id like to have a look at the stock turbo..
August 31, 2010 at 11:02 PM

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