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Outback Jack
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Hi All,

Some of you maybe away of this company, but just thought i would share. $2450USD for a new NP205 with crawler gears.

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David Hallandal
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Yep The Lomax 3:1 Ratio Box, Need the correct input shaft in it
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Outback Jack
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They maybe to supply the correct input shaft or change it over to a 4 speed auto. Not sure how the Perkins would go with it however. Would rob the little power it has.

But I think its a cheap way to change out the transfer. Maybe around 4k by the time you got it here, but a stronger box with lower low cant be a bad way to go.

Then just some electric lockers and good to go.
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joseph baz
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OBJ,the Lo Max is a really good transfer,the problem is that is nothing in the US with a 27 splines input gear,the standard OKA gear won't fit and you will need them to cut you a new gear,dont forget that half of the OKA 27 splines is metric and the gear side is imperial,if you get the lo max with a 23 splines(as per DODGE specs) it won't last unless is an auto application,it had been many documented failures,personally I have never encounter a situation when the NP 205 was not low enough
cheers Joe
August 16, 2010 at 11:54 AM

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