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Ewart & Vivian Halford
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Hi there, I have a compressor in my possession, does any one know anything about these. I am told it came off an OKA from Margaret River.

It is for sale if any one is interested.
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joseph baz
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It looks like an art piece,if i was you i will frame it...
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Ewart & Vivian Halford
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If I put a prop on it it could pass as a WW1 plane engine.
Thanks for that Hal.

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Hal Harvey
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It probably does bear some further explanation anyway Ewart - something about bolting on to the front of the motor? Looks like it would shift some air.

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Ewart & Vivian Halford
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I think it bolts up to the front of the engine to the engine mounts and some how conects to the harmonic balance pully. It apears to be 4 cylinders, 2 small and 2 large so probably a two stage pump, as for the yellow hoses I'm not sure if they are for air or water, maybe both. It came with an air tank of about 30 ltr, it is quiet large.

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Peter & Sandra James Oka 374
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374 has the rest of the bits on the bottom pulley/harmonic balancer to drive it.
374 was a comms van with the RAAF for most of its life and apparently had a hydraulic pump fitted where that compressor was. The pump drove a genset mounted alongside the gearbox/transfer case.
There is also a big hump in the fan shroud to clear the hydarulic pump.
By the looks of the size of that compressor it would have to have sat up in the fan shroud, way too big to hang below.
Oka 374 LT Van

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Something like this, but via a longer drive shaft:

David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

August 7, 2011 at 9:35 AM

David and Janet Ribbans - Oka 148
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