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Can anyone recommend a mechanic. In port hedland.please

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Outback Jack
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Sorry, cant Help, But Doc Davey is down the road in Newman. Give him a call, he may be able to help. He should know someone

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joseph baz
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Len,what work you need doing,chhers ,Joe
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Garry & Chris
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Good luck Len Don't bother coming to Beoome NO ONE wants work here.
after all W A means Wait awhile and Broome time is in another dimension
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joseph baz
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Garry,you took the words out of my mouth,it's so hard to get any work done done at decent rates once you get into a mining area,small towns can't cope with the demand,little bussines need to pay mining rates for their mechanics but the public won't accept it,I recently returned from the Kimberley's and was totally surprised by the going's on.
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W A means way ahead. if they cut the telephone, the rest of Australia would sink. Munshall machanical the OKA agent in Broome was a great help/.
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Darwin is now like Broome, Hedland etc. We too have to pay mining rates to maintain employees but cant pass it on to the general public. Our 2nd year apprentice was just paid roughly double to keep him. He is worth extra but he know is at a rate most tradies would earn down south. I was sitting here this morning trying to think of someone in town who would be interested in looking at putting an intercooler on 112, but I cant think of anyone as even my mates in the trade aren't interested in 'small' jobs.
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Posts: 57 Cando look at any jap performance shops they will do intercoolers
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