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Greg #210 and Dean #366
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What sort of awnings have been used, want somthing that will stand up to a bit of breeze
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We built a removable one that attached to the body of the OKA via a sail track and then had a few poles and guys.
It was fine, but we subsequently preferred a stand alone shade that we can place away from the vehicle if necessary and which we can drive away from and leave for the day.
Cheers Peter, OKA196 Motorhome.

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Tony Lee
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I've got the same as Peter had. Obviously a bit of a pain to put up but with spring guys and decent pegs there is no need to get up at night to take it down just because the wind comes up. I have enough eyelets on mine so I can set it up separate from the vehicle as suggested by Peter but for a one or two-night stop we don't bother because we have plenty of room inside ininclementweather, or the bodies are high enough that except for high noon, we can always find enough solid shade to sit in.
Also the advantage of not needing extra width or having struts to get wiped off on bush tracks - maybe not such an issue with normal bus body but Peter's and mine are around 2100 wide and that makes a big difference.

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T & D Morris
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Greg #210 and Dean #366 at August 15, 2012 at 7:08 AM
What sort of awnings have been used, want somthing that will stand up to a bit of breeze
I have put two photos of our awning in my photo gallery.
It is from a caravan parts shop and other than breaking a plastic end cap on the Holland track ( $10.00 for a replacement ) it has lasted 10 years and is still in good condition.
I made a bracket and used the roof rack fixing holes; this gave me the height to be able to use the camper door when it was extended.

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Dean & Kaye Howells
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Hi, We have a simple lightweight awning of rip stop nylon that hooks on to the roof/roof rack in three places. A couple of poles along the other side and away you go. No mucking about with rope track, simple and quick to put up if wanted / needed.
When going out for the day, just lift the eyelets off the hooks, keeping the awning taut, and peg to the ground. When returned from the days activities just park in approximately the same place, loosen guys and hook back on OKA. Works a treat.

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Peter 334
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Just brought and fiama awning for ours , its the same as you get for caravans rolls up into a case and winds out,so much easier than poles and canvas .
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Greg #210 and Dean #366
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I have been told that fiama are not good in a breeze
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We have an Aussie Traveller awning which has a frame which folds into the awning case on the van.It has 2roof bows and has been able to stand high winds.


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