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Broken Springs and Things

02 Mar 2014 14:16 - 02 Mar 2014 14:21 #1 by dandjcr
dandjcr created the topic: Broken Springs and Things
It's amazing that in times of severe stress, we still have the mental fortitude to get the camera out.

A rear spring broke on the Mereenie Loop Road.

I had to use a screw jack against a chassis member to lever the spring back into place.

We strapped the axle to a spring bolt with a winch extension strap to hold it in place. (We don't have a winch but the extension strap has been used many times).

In retrospect I should have put a piece of timber between the broken end of the spring and the spring hanger to protect it from the sharp edges, but this fix lasted several hundred km before we could get a replacement spring.

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02 Mar 2014 14:42 - 02 Mar 2014 14:45 #2 by Peter_n_Margaret
Peter_n_Margaret replied the topic: Broken Springs and Things
A broken spring hanger pin (rear LH front) in the OKA in 2006 in a remote corner of the Carson Station, out from Kalumburu.

We made a new pin from a piece of a spare U bolt that was the same 16mm diameter.
It involved cutting some body support blocks from a fallen tree using a chain saw, a hydraulic jack under the axle, a small mechanical jack (I now carry one), an angle grinder (powered by inverter), the winch (to reposition the axle forward) and a Readywelder 2 24V DC welder which I also carry.

The sharp point was so we could drive it into position with the holes partly lined up.
The 'head' was welded on after it was inserted and then the nut was tightened afterwards to pull it back against the 'head'.

We actually found the missing piece of the broken pin 50m back on the track.
This was the incentive to develop the 20mm pin kit.
The repair was not touched until all pins were replaced in Adelaide some months later.


Cheers, Peter.
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