OKA 334 sold

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Peter334 created the topic: OKA 334 sold
As you all know we had OKA 334 for sale, it took awhile but she has gone to a lovely couple Tony ,Chris Green of QLD ,they were very patient as we sorted the rwc out and the repairs that were needed ,and on Monday this week they finally took ownership of her ,you may all wonder why ,medical reasons ,unable to do what i use to do so regretfully we had to sell we had a lot of fun in 334 spent some memorial holidays in her ,to our local beaches ,Anne Bedel Hwy,Tele Track,Gulf of carpentaria ,and many more other places we have visited ,i did love the time spent driving 334 as it was easy with the auto, cummins ,fuel cost were as good as any other vehical we have driven [fuel usage better than triton 2.5 DID ] ,easy to set up beer in 5 minutes or wine for kay i have meet a lot of great people on the way and the help i have found on this site and from others will always be appreciated, am i sad 334 has gone you could say yes but it is a new time for usand it was time to move on and start a new chapter in our lives . so thank you to everyone on this site even if we did not agree on things, but i always say if we agreed on things it would be boring . Thanks from Peter ,Kay formerly OKA334.

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