Sob! OKA 123 It's time.

28 May 2019 19:44 - 28 May 2019 20:07 #1 by Tony Lee
Tony Lee created the topic: Sob! OKA 123 It's time.
Couple of years ago when everyone was scrambling to join the dark side, I briefly considered spending an obscene amount of money just so I could get to the top of a sand dune 5 seconds earlier.
A couple of less-than-compassionate friends reckoned then that I would be wasting a lot of effort and money because pretty soon I would be so old and decrepit that I wouldn't be able to get up into the cabin.
Well, they were wrong! I may be old but still relatively spry. Trouble is it is Betty that has pulled up pretty lame with a progressive nerve conduction problem that makes it just too hard to get into the cabin and get around the living quarters. So, we have joined the Dark side by buying a 35 foot HINO motorhome. It needs a fair bit of work so I have a project to work off a bit of belly fat on, and while there will be no more trips across the Simpson or up the CSR, that still leaves a few hundred thousand km of roads we can travel on, and it will be in a vehicle that will suit our advancing years and decrepitude.

So our OKA XT #123, first registered in Jan 1994 and done about 130,000km is for sale. Sigh!

Will start at $60,000 and see how we go. A Google photo album OKA 123 from beginning to end has the whole history starting from the construction of the house on the back up until the present time.

Registered in Western Australia and located at Bulahdelah NSW.

email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +61 498453269 and I'll be happy to tell you all the good things about it as well as the not so good things.

Basic OKA is mostly standard except for the front axle and hub upgrade done only because I was in the USA so cost of parts was very low and it fitted in my checked luggage, and it has Mort's Magic Turbo added as well which was an improvement, NP transfer case and factory LSD in the back.

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28 May 2019 20:11 #2 by Joseph Baz
Joseph Baz replied the topic: Sob! OKA 123
Well Tony ,you have to do the best for Betty,OKA is not a way of life,we are not getting any younger as one of my (not so kind)friends said We had consumed more days that we have coming.........what a bastard!,seriously we have to adjust our travelling to our abilities/condition,the main thing is that you both enjoyed what you did together,all the best to you both in the new venture,no doubt you both will enjoy as much

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31 May 2019 05:19 #3 by Paul Scherek
Paul Scherek replied the topic: Sob! OKA 123 It's time.
Sorry to read that, Tony. Please give our best to Betty - I recall seeing her gamely clamber in when you were last here, making me feel guilty at abandoning ship just because of a wrist problem. You did a great job on the camper - someone will be very happy.

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