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We've added a couple of articles to our blog recently on:

Safety and Emergency Equipment and

Recovery and Maintenance Gear

They started out as checklists for ourselves but quickly became short articles showing how our capabilities have evolved over time.

They won't relate to everyone's requirements or plans, but they are ours, and we would appreciate any constructive comments or suggestions.

You can access them via our home page or direct via the above links.

There's also an article on Len Beadell's tracks and one on Growing Australian Trees !

David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

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joseph baz
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Excellent article David,personally I don't join two straps with anything solid due to the danger of such articles become projectiles,I allways use a roll up magazine after feeding one eyelet/lug through the other,same with shackles,they should never be used unless one side of the shackle is attached to a solid metal bracket.
Cheers Joe
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Good point Joe. Any time straps or ropes are joined or attached to something they are much easier to undo if there is a object in the joint between them to increase the radius of the loop or knot. It needs to be something tough or it will be cut though. However no one should ever be near a strap/chain/rope under tension, ever.
David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

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T & D Morris
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To answer your questions.

This is risky business (not us!) but at least the wheels are chocked.
Always use 2 means of support or jam a spare wheel under the vehicle for protection before jacking.
I wonder where the tyre went?

This was north of Marble bar as you get to the bitumen section coming into town.
The tyre went bush and when we found it we put it next to the road for the clean up crews.
We only carried one spare so this was needed for the vehicle so we could not put it under the axle ( new rule for us, north of Carnarvon carry two spares ).
The 10 ton jack was under the flat area of the shock absorber mount.
I would have use the kangaroo jack as well but with the big trucks going past I got right over and the road sloped away.
We purchased a 20 ton three stage jack with a big base plate and a big surface area on the top of the screw section as soon as we got home.

Terry & Deb
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Terry, Deb,

Thanks for clarifying the circumstances. I'm glad it all turned out OK and I've updated my blog entry accordingly.
David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

January 18, 2011 at 7:10 PM

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