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When I was testing my winch it worked for a minute, and then stopped working. I was still able to hear what I assume would be the solenoid kicking in but the winch drum did not rotate anymore.
After removing the massive engine protection plate in front I saw that there is much more to remove to access the winch and I left this work for the next maintenance I will do. Therefore I do not know which winch I have. I assume that it would be the one fitted by OKA and assume that it could be a WARN winch.

I would be interested in diagrams, explosion drawings and servicing information about the winches fitted by the OKA factory.

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I don't have a winch but I would first check the electrical terminals on the battery and winch for corrosion or poor connections. A winch, like a starter motor, needs good heavy duty connections to the battery and to ground/chassis. Also there may be a thermal cut out which has activated.
The XT manual says the Oka winch is a Warn12,000lb (Oka part number 008805), but that could have changed for your LT.
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Tony Lee
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Before you go to all the hassles of removing the whole winch, first check out what is happening inside the electrical control box (assume mounted on the front bumper next to the winch if it is like mine)
Sounds as if power is getting to the control box (if something is clicking each time you press the in-out switch) so need to open it up and make sure power is getting out to the winch motor.

Have you put the lever underneath in freewheel position and made sure the drum will rotate freely and you can reel out the wire rope.

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16 Nov 2012 03:37 #2 by OKA in Africa
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Thanks for the hint.

The problem was actually in the control box. One of the nuts connecting the power supply cables to the solenoids made bad contact. After tightening the nut the problem was solved.

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Thank you and best regards

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