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From Ulrich Geebelen:

We live in Belgium and we are building our own 4X4 traveling vehicle on a Mercedes Vario 814 4X4. Now we want to put single rim tyres on the back instead of the double wheels it has from the factory. But we are undecided for the tyre. We have the choice between the Michelin XDE2+ (285/70 R19.5 or 305/70 R19.5) and the Toyo M608 (285/70 R19.5). Can you as experienced travelers tell us which tyre you would prefer and why?
In the future we want to travel to the north of Africa and to Siberia and Mongolia.
Thank you very much for your advice,
Ulrich and Véronique
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For those who want to know, the maximum weight of the vehicle will be 7.5 tons, but in general it will be between 6.5 and 7 tons.

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Hi Ulrich.
I saw one of the vehicles in Esperance 18 months ago and they had the single option. Do not know the type of tyre though.
There is two main differences i can see is the depth of tread 21 mm on Mich and 16 mm on the Toyo.
The next major one is the type of tread, the Toyo has a lot more aggressive tyre tread. Personally from my experience I would take the more aggressive tyre as they are very similar to the ones I use that are Hankook tyres see my comments in the recent forum posts. The only issue I have is the brand as I know from a few other people that have Toyo tyres they find them very rough. Hankooks do not have that problem and they are rated at 18 ply.
The area you are going if you really do the mountain trails in Siberia and Mongolia, even their good dirt roads are awful, you will need traction and a tough tyre as conditions dictate that requirement.
The selection of tyres is never easy, you will have to select on type of terrain and also the condition of the road condition and the weight . Most likely you will run between 60 - 80 PSI and from the website the Toyo tyre will handle the weight at that pressure and for your area you will have to look very carefully at side wall construction and how the tread flows onto the wall so you do not get punctures from rocks etc cutting into the side due to the obstructions going across the sidewall on some brands.
I hope this is of some use
Happy travelling
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Hi Ulrich and Véronique,
We have been running the 305 Michelin now for 5 years and are very happy with the performance. The larger section tyre would run at a slightly lower pressure for the same weight and that always helps ride comfort, traction and flotation.
We have not used the Toyos, so can't advise on them.

Cheers Peter, OKA196 Motorhome. www.oka4wd.com/xt196.htm

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Thank you very much all for your advice.

What rim size do you have on your OKA's? And what brand of tyre (for those who haven't mentioned yet)?
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This is what Ulrich and Véronique have...

and this is what it one day will be...


Almost every OKA on the road at your kind of weight would have 19.5" rims, and the same size tyres as you're looking at. The choice of tyres is not wide, but Toyo, Michelin and Hankook are the three brands that dominate.

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and this is what it one day will be..

Hopefully in 2-3 years
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Brendan Eblen
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On tyre choice, I have travelled on outback roads OKA LT coach, mainly on unsealed made roads the Birdsville Track . Over the past years I moved away from Toyo they were more prone to chipping my enqiries led me to Michelin XDE2's they also chip but no as much.
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Thank you very much all for your information.
With all the information I've got from the different forums and e-mails, we have decided to buy the toyo M608.

June 16, 2010 at 7:42 PM

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