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From Jo-Anne Allchin:

Did you see the intro to the Fiat/Two Smart story on SBS's Top Gear Australia where they focused on an OKA and claimed its fuel consumption was "ridiculous" - outrageous. (they will say "compared to").
What is truly outrageous and ridiculous is their claim of "one of the toughest off road tracks in the world".
I know our OKA's fuel consumption is on par with Landcruisers and Patrols.
Do you get good mileage and would you challenge those two cars to a tough off road track mail run?
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From David Ribbans:

I didn't see that segment but I'm quite happy with our Oka's fuel consumption.
We have always averaged over 7 km/l (14 l/100kms or 20 mpg) from our Oka over all types of terrain and fully laden, which is better than many friends get towing their caravans with road cars on bitumen.
The only time the consumption worsened measurably was on the CSR after days of sand dunes in low ratio, when it dropped to around 4km/l.
I know some people only get around 6 km/l but I think speed (and therefore the increased air resistance of a large brick) has a lot to do with it. We rarely exceed 80km/h, even cruising on bitumen, and anything more than that will certainly increase the consumption.
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Hal Harvey
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I didn't see that show either, but coincidentally I was talking to a customer the other day who had just bought a new Pajero. He was talking fuel consumption compared to his old Pajero, and was just about to head off on a northern trip. In his old Pajero - five or six years old he said, but I thought it was maybe seven years old - he needed (ex Perth) a fuel stop just north of Geraldton (440km, 70+ litres, usually have a tailwind) and another at Carnarvon (460km, nearly 75 litres).
I found that pretty interesting; in our Oka I drive the same stretch at similar speed - average over 100km/h - and need 150 litres at Carnarvon every time. That's nearly 17l/100km, being a bit of a leadfoot (still legal). I've done it towing a three-tonne boat at slower speed but still probably averaging 90km/h, and once again needed 150l at Carnarvon.
As to which of any of these vehicles I would choose for a tough off road track - that's Oka all the way!

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