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From Seamus Campbell:

Has anyone experimented with Electric Water Pump and Fans.
I've just been speaking with Davies Craig who sell an in-radiator-hose electric water pump.
Together with an electric fan or two "should" give you back about 10-20HP (which is a lot in the old Perkins motors).
Anyone using these - either Electric Water Pump or Fans or both.
Quentin offered me quite a reasonable discount if I bought one pump, two fans and switch - could possibly get bigger discount with bulk orders.
LT 412
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From Paul Scherek:

I sort of doubt that the existing fan and pump would take 10~20 horsepower. Even if they do, you still require power to drive the electric pump and fans. Unless the existing ones waste a LOT of power, you would need a similar amount of power from your alternator to run the electric ones.
It would be some alternator that put out 10 horsepower! That works out at 600 amps!!
The main benefit of electric ones is that they only use the power when needed. That is, mostly they will be idling, only needing their full capabilities when the engine is working hard.
The pump can be controlled to perform the function of the thermostat.
Probably the most important consideration is reliability. Which would you depend on in the middle of the Simpson Desert?
Cheers all,
Paul (Oka 059)
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From Seamus Campbell:

Thanks Paul
Generally speaking water pumps do take about 10~20 horsepower from the overall power. The electric fans are much more efficient and so take less power from the alternator.
I was going to take the current fan off, and remove the belt for the water pump - but keep both of them in case of breakdown.
So I would definitely get an increase in power, but I was hoping somebody else had done this before me to see if it was worth it.
Also electric fans do not cool as well as engine driven ones - so two or three electric ones may be needed - this of course drives up the costs.
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From Spike Pike:

I would be careful disconnecting the water pump as it could end up as a restriction in the cooling system.
Spike LT318
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hi my perkins water pump is gear driven , may pay to check that
malcolm 214
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Tony Lee
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10~20 horsepower

If that were the case, you would need a separate cooling system just to remove the heat put into the water by the pump.

Alternator - 100A at 12V - 1.2kW. Long way short of 20hp.

The electric fans are much more efficient and so take less power from the alternator.

Engine drives alternator which drives fans/pumps. Cascading efficiencies.

Perhaps mount a windmill on the bullbar and belt drive the fans?



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Hi all, www.daviescraig.com.au watch the video read the tech stuff just maybe, just maybe this technology is moving forward better than jooles gahstard,there are three types of people in this world, the first type make things happen, the second type watch things happen and the third type they wonder what the f#@^& happened. Hmmmmm decision time, cheers and good health to all. Doc
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