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From David Ribbans:

Has anyone done or contemplated a diesel/gas conversion of their Oka?
The technical data and power/economy benefits seem persuasive but at around $4k, the payback period would be several years.
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From David Hallandal:

Peter Young @ Alltrac 4wd, (08) 8234 6877
He is now running a Diesel Landcruiser on Gas and as an agent for OKA is the best person to get the information you require.
There are different systems out there and the conversion he is doing looks good
and should work well on an OKA.
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From Peter_n_Margaret:

I think this is the way to go and I am watching this with great interest.
The cost to convert an OKA will be about $4000 including GST.
There is a Federal Government subsidy of $2000 to convert private vehicles up to 3500kg, so it doesn't apply to us.
Deisel/Gas Australia ( www.dieselgasaustralia.com.au ) are based in Adelaide, 08 8340 2366. Kingsley Songer (GM) is confident that they will successfully convince the Government to drop the weight restriction for motorhomes and campers. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Paul Scherek
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Hi all,

For what it is worth, I had a disastrous time with a diesel/gas (D-gas) system on my Land Rover, and certainly won't be risking engine damage on my Oka.

During the 12 months I spent trying to get the system working, I discovered that practically everyone who had good results with ANY diesel gas system relied on subjective "seat of pants" testing for results, while everyone who did proper objective testing (stop watches, etc) had poor results.

At part throttle there was a small but definite boost in power when applying the gas, and this is probably why the subjective results can seem good. However, at full throttle there was NO benefit whatever. Thus the diesel gas did not increase maximum power at all. Over 10,000 k's of objective testing there was no statistically significant change in diesel fuel useage - just a small extra cost for the gas. Range per tank of diesel did not change.
Now my tests were done on a Land Rover, not an Oka, but except for the intercooler on the Land Rover the engines are basically similar.

Oh and don't believe the D-gas boast "...results or your money back" - they don't refund!

It is a pity, these diesel gas systems sound so bloody good, maybe just too good to be true.

Cheers all,

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David & Marilyn Rosenzweig
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Yep I have done it.
Peter from Alltrac the SA Oka Dealer did a Deisel Gas conversion on my OKA LT in 2007.
It gave the vehicle the extra punch to retain 100 speed limits in all weather conditions . I have had fuel economy as low as 15lt / 100km towing a trailer maintaining speed limits. This includes factoring in the gas consumption. If I were to sit on 80kph there would be greater benefit. It certainly makes for easier driving closer to other traffic speeds with out slowing down for every rise. And by the way the vehicle is for sale <edit now sold>. Increased load carrying needs mean I am awaiting a new NT <edit now received>
June 10, 2010 at 2:51 PM

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