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From David Hallandal:

I am trying to locate steering tie rod ends, can someone please give me a manufacturer, part number, or even what vehicle these are off?
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From Joe Baz:

Hi David, give Paul Nott a call he should be able to help you, I don't think he has anything to do with computers so it's a chance that he hasn't seen this post, failling that you can take the thread size of both ends to a truck spares and they should be able to help. I have three brand new but the sticker came off the box so I don't have any reference either.
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From Jo-Anne Allchin:

Hello David
We had a tie rod end disaster last year.
Parts supplied by OKA Perth
Rod end RH thread part # 003834
Rod end LD thread part # DAN23563
More info if you require please message me.
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From Ian Ransom:

Try Truckline at Wingfield. If you need some numbers give me a call.
Ian Ransom
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From Tim Forsyth:

Hi David,
Paul Nott imports them from the states and his prices definitely looking after us. Check your tie rod arm threads, they wear out due to grit getting in through the clamping split. I had one tie rod drop out which caused full front wheel opposing opposite lock, bloody dangerous, lucky for me it happened in the driveway. I eventually got a machine shop to manufacture two new rods with lock nuts (as per normal for trucks). There is a very quick check with out any dismantling. Look for the clamping slot end narrowing, mine were nearly touching underneath the clamp. When I stripped everything down I found a steel shim between the rod end thread and the rod thread, great when you consider that the front diff had been removed and a new diff housing installed under a previous owner's insurance claim!
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I bought mine from Coventy's / Driveline

310-281 LH - $157
310-255 RH - $ 127
June 2, 2010 at 5:15 PM

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