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Hi has anyone done a cummins 6BTA engine conversion? Will it fit? What problems occurres? How was the raiator beffed up? Was the power adiquate? Thanks
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James & Usha (THEByleDuct)
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Hi Chris - In this thread it's mentioned Spike Pike had fitted one. He has LT 318 but a quick check doesn't show him being active on this board. His posts have been copied from the old forums. Maybe someone else has more details.
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joseph baz
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Chris,I have a 4BT and there is definetly space there for another two cyl,i have measured the chassis and it should fit,I'm very tempted myself as I already have a brand new Allison 1000 waiting to be attached to something.....maybe an 5.9 24valve or a ISB,the early 6BT are a tad noisy for my liking,the 24v are a bit better and the ISB are better still,the down side is the amount of wiring attached to it,however they proved very reliable and with good maintenance a million kms is not out of the question,one thing to wach out for is the casting number on the block as number 53 blocks have the habit of cracking the side of the block by the coolant chamber,you can find the number on the left side of the block just above the sump towards the front two digits about an inch in size(looking at the engine from drivers possition)that problem was only particular to the Brazilian castings and are identified by the 53 no
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Good afternoon everybody. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge as to the approx cost of fitting a alison auto gearbox and compatible more powerful engine such as the cummins mentioned. Will a nissan patrol 6 cyl diesel engine and auto box fit ? Thanks Darren Lilly.
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joseph baz
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Darren,I have spoken to Mark from Mark's adaptors and he is about to start working on a adaptor to couple Allison 1000 to Nissan Patrol transfer case,the timing will be anything from 3 months to the end of the year,apparently he received a lot of enquiries from Patrol Owners wanting to fit Duramax-Allison combo,with his adaptor and the Patrol transfer with low gears will give the OKA good crawling power.an Allison 1000 locally sourced will not give you any change out of $ 5-6000 plus mapping to match the engine,unless you do the converssion yourself you will have to look at upwards of $ 25000 with all new gear,
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oka 098
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gday got a six cyl perkins in my xt (fitted by old owner) great off road just walks around with low fuel use on highway revs high uses more juice ,but gearing is good off road so give a bit to take a bit, cooling works good have been told it is more about flow then size?some say the original radiator is to small for a four cyl,just done radiator flush and thermos envy easy access of a four cyl ,in manual to remove radiator first thing to take out is drivers seat gotta love a OKA
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