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What the general feeling on the use of re-caps on Oka's
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Greg, I had 4 old tyre casings retreaded by Bandag last year (they are owned by Bridgestone), when new tyres were very difficult to source and extremely expensive after the tsunami. Apart from the fact that I staked one badly, they worked OK but...
One of the downsides of retreads is that they are never as wide as the original tread and leave the sidewall more exposed to staking, which we amply demonstrated.
Apart from the cost benefit (around half the cost), I wouldn't really recommend retreads.
They are pretty safe these days but I found them difficult to balance, which is not a problem on outback tracks.
The width reduction also makes them follow wheel ruts far too well, even on bitumen. That was a bit unnerving.
I did find 2 new Kumho's last year which performed very well, similar tread pattern to the Michelin XDE2 but 2/3 the cost. I would certainly use them again. My only complaint is that the blocks of tread are further apart and they collect small round stones too easily.
If you can find, and justify the cost of new tyres, that's the way to go but bear in mind that many large trucking companies use retreads (according to Bandag) and retreading is big (local) business so they must benefit some groups.
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