Windscreen demister - poor performance

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Tony Lee
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Actually it does quite a good job clearing the passenger side screen but totally runs out of puff - literally and figuratively - before it gets to half way.
I covered most of the holes up on the left with tape and that fixed the problem - sort of - but I see that the tape has all come off so need a permanent solution.

One obvious fix is a metal strip fixed over the vent on the left side with smaller holes that line up with the existing slots - and hole size can gradually increase towards the right.

Anyone have an easier fix.

One factor that I know isn't helping is that without a rear window in the cab, I have lost any flow-thriough ventilation and that is certainly contributing to the bvuild up of moisture in the air. Solved by opening a window but not always too practical depending on the outside weather.
I'm reluctant to try drilling holes or fitting a vent in the side because with the wider body, who knows where the zones of low pressure are.
Peter, do you have any similar problems.
Anyone else.

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Peter & Sandra James Oka 374
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I just use the a/c, clears the screen quickly, we get lots of condensation when camped up especially with cooking and heating in the rear and it has been literally dribbling down the front windows. We just wipe the excess with a micrfibre towel and then the a/c does the rest. As Sandra doesn't like the cold air blowing on her we quite often have the a/c set to demist for most of the time and do get some condensate across the bottom of the screen from the cold air blowing on the warm glass, it usally disappears when you stop or redirect the vents.
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