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James & Usha (THEByleDuct)
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I doubt if Hal will post this link on the OKA forums so I'm going to instead. It's not OKA specific but the lessons told in the stories are as relevent here as on a fishing site.
"What would you do differently today, if you knew it was your last day?"
Hal you continue to be in our prayers.
OKA #072

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I did not know about Hals condition & must say that it comes with shock & great sadness to hear. I read about 2 weeks ago a article on the internet about a fruit called Graviola or commonly known as sour sop, great claims were made about its ability to fight off cancer in which it states that it is 10,000 x more affective than chemotherapy, look it up & please if you can get your hands on it give it a go it might just be the miracle you need, I hope so. Take care mate.

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Thanks for posting that James. I'm buoyed by Hal's continuing enthusiasm for life which can be such a trial at such times.

Only today we received a call to say that a close friend had lost her heroic 15 year battle with breast cancer. She, like Hal, was tough but realistic and simply refused to succumb easily to this disease. She, like Hal, was still running her business (engine remanufacturing) until just recently.

Sadly it takes adversity to bring out the inner strength in people and we wish Hal continuing health and strength.
David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

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Hal Harvey
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Thank you for the above and the many other well wishes that come my way from OKA owners and friends.

The past week has been particularly nerve-wracking; CT scan, blood test, then a meeting with the oncologist last night... Scans were good. Such a relief. I have to go through this every ten weeks or so now, and maybe it will get easier, but I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Main thing is, no spread for now, nothing on the liver, no more chemo for months at least. There is also a tumour activity marker that is measured as part of the blood test, CA19-9; normal is zero to 37, and mine spent a lot of 2011 between 140 and 200... this time it was below 37, for the first time in more than 12 months. That doesn't mean I'm cured or anything, far from it, but it was very nice to hear.

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Dave and Pauline Gray
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Excellent news Hal your looking good now for the CSR, hang in there mate
Regards to you all Dave & Pauline
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Ewart & Vivian Halford
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That,s. great news Hal, a bit less stress for the time being will do you good.
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Paul Scherek
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Wonderful Hal, some 'quality of life' coming your way. Your article in the Angler magazine was brilliant - it is nice to know there is still some heroism in the world.
May 30, 2012 at 7:17 AM

David and Janet Ribbans - Oka 148
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