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09 May 2017 06:56 - 12 May 2017 12:53 #1 by dandjcr
dandjcr created the topic: Uploading photos to Forum messages
With the updated system posting photos is easier.

After clicking "Attachments" you can either use the "Add Files" button like before or just drop files from your computer onto the grey area below. Or you can use both at the same time as I just discovered.

Either way you can add multiple photos at once. Previously it was one at a time.

Even easier, you can just drop photos on to the message area.

You still have to click "Insert" to put the photo(s) where you want it. Sometimes there's an "Insert All" button, don't know when/why yet.

It says the maximum image file is 2.9MB but we might be able to fix that, still working my way though the new capabilities. Actually the strip photo above was 7.2MB but was resized automatically to fit, so the 2.9MB limit might be a furphy.

I don't yet know how to prevent the "Attachments" appearing at the bottom of the message, they seem a bit redundant. More research needed.


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