27 Dec 2013 20:32 #1 by Peter Davis
Peter Davis created the topic: 0-100
Out of interest I roughly measured the time taken from rest to reach 100km/hr firstly with the a/c on into a strong head wind and then without the head wind and a/c off. Times were 100 seconds and 60 seconds. 32 degrees, flat country, approx. 5.8 tonne. No where near 9 seconds of Darrens but with some weight reduction on a cooler day with no wind times could be improved.
Anyone else taken a measurement?

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27 Dec 2013 22:40 #2 by Hal Harvey
Hal Harvey replied the topic: 0-100
I kind of did when I still had the Perkins in it, but was really getting standing 400m times, not 0-100 times. This was the result at the time:

"The first two runs, one north and one south but in virtually no wind, were in standard trim. Times from zero to 400m were 30.44 seconds at 74.3km/h, and 33.22 seconds at 66.5km/h.

For the second two runs the air cleaner lid was removed and the large air cleaner taken out. There was immediately heaps of induction noise that I don't normally have, so evidently the sealing that I do have is good (although I don't have a rubber seal on the outer lid). Times were 30.68 seconds at 71.7km/h, and 30.00 seconds at 74.86km/h."

My memory is that it was about 60 seconds to reach 100km/h. Air con was off, and weight was about five tonnes.

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