Parts not needed

08 Aug 2018 19:35 #1 by Harry
Harry created the topic: Parts not needed
Beware of the grub screw on the top gear linkage as on corrugations it can come go loose and fall down and hit the back of the alternator and fry all wiring real bad news when one is in the outback desert road
Lucky for me Deano was to the rescue and had all new wire and the knowledge to repair the job it took us 4 hours to rewire and on the road again
This problem is and can happen to the 4 cylinder Perkins and 6 bt cummins in XT models and all models with the 4 cylinder Perkins
Thanks again Dean and Kay for all your help

Jenny and I both enjoy the great outdoors. We try to get away 4 to 5 month a year.

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