Steering arm joints - another one for the bush mec

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Tony Lee
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May as well ask this question too.

Chassis grease time a couple of days ago and I found that the joint on the end of the steering arm - on the wheel end - was moving up and down in the taper and the nut was loose by about two full threads.

Simple you say! No cotter pin and the nut came loose

. Trouble is the cotter pin was undamaged and the head of it was wedged into one of the castellations the same as all the others are and there was no way the nut could turn.

Removed the cotter pin, pushed down to engage the taper and torqued up the nut as per the manual and it seems to be as new - but I am puzzled how it came about in the first place.


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Possibly not torqued fully down last time it was removed??
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Tony, I found the same tie rod end was loose on ours but the rod end was tight down in the tapered hole in the arm. The problem is the hole has enlarged, probably "ovaled" so no amount of tightening on the nut can remove all the slack (clonk).

Apart from a new steering arm, the only solution I could come up with was some shim trimmed to fit the oval hole so that the tapered shaft fits very snugly without the rod end being fully down on the arm. You can also grind a bit off the top of the arm around the hole to lower the point of contact to a narrower area, but not too much grinding, just smoothing off really.

In the US (possibly here) you can get repair kits for this problem by reaming out the enlarged hole and refitting a tapered bush.

I also fitted some new rubber boots to the rod ends while they were out, the old ones were all chewed up. Available from Motor Traders. I've got the part number somewhere...

Hope that helps.

David and Janet Ribbans, Oka 148

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joseph baz
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I came accross a couple of dodgy tie rod ends last week,fitted into the hub OK bu the thread runs out before it can be torqued properly,here are some measurement of what it suposse to be
Thread (tube end) 7/8"x 18tpi
max taper diam .772"
min taper diam .68"
taper length .8"
taper 1.5" per foot
thread at the taper 5/8"x18tpi
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Tony Lee
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I did retorque the nut to the specified value (50ft-lbs???) and refitted the split pin and so far it seems as if it is OK. Certainly too snug for me to move by hand whereas before it was just slopping up and down.

Time will tell and in the meantime it joins the front transfer caseoutput shaft nut as being inexplicably loose but which have stayed tight since.

October 6, 2010 at 12:30 PM

David and Janet Ribbans - Oka 148
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