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joseph baz
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Hi All,was just looking at the INAWISE tyre monitoring,it appears very robust,the only hicup is that you need to remove and re balance the tyres to fit it,have any one had any experience with these? the retailer assured me that no false readings or interference is experienced.
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Hal Harvey
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I don't know what tyres you have, but I see on the specs for the 4WD (dual range) one: These products are designed for applications where the vehicle's cold tyre pressure ranges from 15psi to 46psi. ... and I would have thought 46psi was maybe a little on the light side.

There is another TPMS conversation here.

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Peter & Sandra James Oka 374
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Not much good for an Oka or many 4wd's with a maximum pressure capability of 46 PSI !!
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Tony Lee
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" the retailer assured me that no false readings or interference is experienced."

I wrongly assumed that there should be no need to give such a "doh" assurance on a product offered for sale. "Fit for purpose" and all that sort of thing. What credence can you give to assurances from a bloke who makes a living by selling the things?

Three months after forking out good money for such a product, I am still waiting for the manufacturer to sort out a firmware upgrade. Got to the stage where I reckon they should be paying me for bringing design faults to their attention.

BTW I run with 45psi cold in the front and a bit less in the back tyres - as per Michellin's load/pressure data - and they increase in pressure by around 10psi - more on hot days - so I doubt whether 46psi would be much use. May be OK if they don't give an alarm on overpressure as they would still give an alarm on under-pressure. I know other OKAs who run with way more than 46psi cold


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