Are there any oka owners in townsville?

01 Nov 2012 14:00 #1 by dandjcr
dandjcr created the topic: Are there any oka owners in townsville?
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livin the dream
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im living in townsville and am looking at getting an oka and would like to see one up close and have a good look and feel of them before i jump in and spend the money,is there anybody available around townsville with an oka?
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Hal Harvey
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Chris J may be your man... I've sent him a PM

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livin the dream
Posts: 4 Yer ok cheer mate
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Na, just buy one :-)
Cheers Peter, OKA196 Motorhome.

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livin the dream
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haha yer im keen as to ay, just gota sell my ute then here i come
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Tony Lee
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I'm with Peter.
I bought mine sight unseen (and never having seen an OKA of any sort) - but did have the security of knowing that both Peter and Robin Wade reckoned that #123 was a good one.

And luckily for me - and them - they were correct.

Robin Wade at Coolgardie is happy to give you some of the history and an idea of its condition for many of the OKAs. He just needs the VIN last three digits

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Outback Jack
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I think there is an LT for sale down in Mackay??

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Chris J
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Hi Livin the dream,
I live in Townsville and I have an oka, just returned from a two week trip from Cape Melville returning along the coast track down to cooktown returning home last night, My trucks a mess right now but you are welcome to drop over and have a look over it. call me 47 404118.
Regards, Chris.
Chris and Janice Jones - OKA 166

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livin the dream
Posts: 4 Hey chris thats awsome u are in tvle ill give ya a call soon and catch up
September 8, 2012 at 3:57 PM

David and Janet Ribbans - Oka 148
Oka148 profile here.
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