24 Jul 2015 15:28 #1 by trypod
trypod created the topic: EMAIL / ADMINISTRATOR
Hi as an OKA owner . I am enquiring if it is possible to contact the site Administrator or do we not have one anymore ?
I was enquiring why my OKA 42 profile picture has been deleted . Does any body know who can be contacted for webpage issues .

Regards John

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24 Jul 2015 16:40 - 24 Jul 2015 16:42 #2 by dandjcr
dandjcr replied the topic: EMAIL / ADMINISTRATOR
John, you can contact either me or James by email (click on our profiles to find our email addresses), or by Message (under the messages tab), we are both administrators (and creators, with the late Hal Harvey) of this site.

Please contact us with any website queries or suggestions.

I doubt that anyone has deliberately deleted your profile picture but James is currently doing some background upgrades which may affect it (and you may get a Fatal Error report while this work is continuing, but the message should still get though).

When uploading a profile picture, there is a maximum file size of 2mB, and the format should be jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Your photo will be reduced to around 200x200 pixels, depending on the aspect ratio of your photo (mine is 200x138).

Try uploading another profile photo within these constraints and report back.

Regards, David

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