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I've received a request to help with inserting a website address (internet link or URL) into a forum message.

First go to the website page you want to link to and copy the url, which is usually in the address bar at the top of the page. If it’s already a link (in a document or web page), you can often right-click and select “Copy Address”. They normally start with "http:/www. etc" but are sometimes they are shortened and simply start with "www. etc". It doesn't usually matter, copy it all anyway.

Then back in your message entry box, click where you want the item to go (you can move things later) and select the "Link" icon (the round green ball with a chain link).
In the URL box, delete the "http://" and paste in your url. (If you don't delete the http bit you might end up with 2 of them).

Then in the Text box, enter the text you want the link to be attached to and click on "Insert". eg:

ABC News site This is with text "ABC News Site" in the box.

If you want to add a link to some existing text, select that text before selecting the "Link" icon. Your text will automatically appear in the Text Box (but you can still edit it there).

If you leave the text box blank, the url won't be pasted in but you can just paste your url directly into the message anyway, eg:

Click on Preview so you can see what your message will look like (and click on Enlarge/Shrink one or more times to change the size of the text boxes). It's a bit slow but is useful.

Note that if you hover over (or click on) either url's they will both point to the same site.

Images from the web:

You can also use a similar process for including an image found on the web by copying its url (often a right-click on an image will show up a "Copy Image Address" item or similar), and selecting the "Image" icon instead, the square green box with a chain link.
You can leave the Size box empty (for the original size) or insert a size for the image (eg reduce to 400 or 800 pixels) and insert the url as before, deleting the "http://" bit first and then clicking on "Insert".

The Preview should show the image where you inserted it, note this works from our Oka website images too, even from other forum messages, eg (at 400px):

If you’re uploading photos from your computer, they won’t appear in Preview, only an attachment place holder will show.

You can move things around in your message using cut and paste, but be sure you include all the relevant characters (eg the "[" and "]") and don't change the url or it will all be cactus.

And if you are bolding, italicising or centering etc text or items, select them first before clicking on the B or I etc

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