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Bush Fires

11 Feb 2013 07:13 #1 by Lee and Ian
Lee and Ian created the topic: Bush Fires
Here we are. We made it. Almost sounds a bit melodramatic but the last few days in Glen Dhu Road Molesworth have seen us fighting hard to keep all we hold dear from being consumed by fire. You can have the best fire defence plan in place and something can still come along and bit you on the ass. Our problem in the end was the fire pump down at the creek blew a gasket. So while the pump at the tanks kept going we couldn't replace the water.
Fire fighters are amazing people. We had help when we couldn't cope and encouragement to keep going and we did. 48 hours, no sleep, out on your feet. The things you learn about fire. If we had to have one, this was the best kind to have. It started about 2 ks away and we had time to prepare. This fire was a creeping fire with no wind at all for the first 18 hours. We spent the first night watching it creep towards us consuming fuel at a steady rate. It was amazing to hear trees falling without letup. Hundreds and hundreds of enormous trees. We could feel it through our feet.
Then the wind came and it all changed in a hurry. Already tired and tense you have to find the strength to move faster. Helicopters dropping water without let up as long as they could see, the sound an unrelenting buffeting on your brain. Jumping up and down like an idiot and giving the thumbs up to a pilot who just drowned you in water but saved your bacon. Best wetting I've ever had. Those guys have pinpoint accuracy.
Home again, still very smoky and the odd stump to keep an eye on. We have around 2 of our 20 acres unburned. The house the shed the vegie garden and the chook house all intact. The Oka is playing host to all our valuable stuff and is our only source of power for the next few days.
This of course is the condensed version. Be careful out there, it's a big beautiful country and we all love it. Just don't forget to respect it too. Take good care. Lee and Ian.

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11 Feb 2013 08:51 #2 by Joseph Baz
Joseph Baz replied the topic: Bush Fires
Some times this things are thrown at us,maybe to test our spirit,it's good to hear that you guys come out of it unharmed and with a healty respect for the bush.
Take care,Joe

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11 Feb 2013 12:12 #3 by James and Usha
James and Usha replied the topic: Bush Fires
So glad to hear you are OK. Not a nice feeling seeing fire heading in your direction. Been there, done that, not in a rush to have it happen again.



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