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From Mark Pain:

I've just got an OKA and have to replace the windscreen for the RWC. Where do I get one from?
One more question while I'm thinking about it. Are the 16" tyres smaller in diameter than the 19.5"? The reason I ask is the OKA originally had 16" tyres, and the previous owner changed to 19.5" rims. The odometer shows the distance travelled as about 0.85 of the actual distance and I wondered if this would be accounted for by larger diameter tyres.
Thanks in advance
Mark Pain
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From Joe Baz:

Hi Mark,
The OKA windscreen is cut out of common laminated 6.35mm glass. If you're able to take a template to Pilkington they will cut the glass usually within a couple of hours.
As for the tyres, the rolling diameter of the 16'' depends on whether you had 8.28 or 900x16''; some 19.5 on a low profile are equivalent to 900x16, you will have to balance out which is the suitable tyre for you. If I was in the scrub all day I will definitely use 16'' as they are easier to repair and once you lower the pressure they have a much wider and longer footprint BUT as you want to get on the bitumen you can't beat the lower profile of the 19.5''. I'm sure this will generate some debate and we will have some positive input.
Keep on OKAing
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From David Hallandal:

Any windscreen place in Australia will be able to cut a new windscreen, O'Briens or Instant Windscreens, get a tinted glass (all green).
As for the Tyres and rims, firstly your speedo is calibratable to the tyre size you are running - lift yor dash and use a mirror to see the back of your speedo - there are seven on/off switches to adjust the speedo. Use a GPS and TAKE SMALL STEPS and compare against this link.
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From John Hendriks:

Hi Mark,
I had to replace my windscreen a year or so ago and my local glass service made one for me for $250. As the window is flat, it is rather easy to get one made. I replaced the rubber seal as well and had no problem with the window since. It was nice to be able to look out of a non-scratched window.
The 16" wheels are the rims not the tyres and the running diameter should be the same. I am told that the 16" are better in the soft sand as they give a greater foot print when let down to suit the sand situation. The odometer can be re-calibrated by the small dip switches at the back of the speedo.
Hope the above helps, if you have a manual, it should explain it for you.
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Seen 2 OKA's that had their windscreens replaced by NOVUS glass at Port Stephens, Salamanda Bay near Newcastle. Many OKA's have problems with the windscreens leaking so they cut the glass larger than the original and eliminated the rubber seal by using a system where the glass is stuck to the steel frame with a vulcanising kit then tidy up the edges with sika flex. They quoted me $200 for the glass & $200 for the kit & installation. If the glass is still good they can use the same screen by welding in some metal strips around the frame. The owner of these 2 OKA's is very satisfied with the results. The same can be applied to the rear window.
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Paul & Sue Crompton
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Tyres – if I remember rightly, there were 3 sizes of tyres offered. As you know, the 8.28 x 16s, the 900s x 16s, and I think there was also 1100s x 16s that were recommended by Oka. I could be corrected on this. Most of these tyres are still available in the equivalent metric range (not cheap) and the speedo can be adjusted to suit as pointed out by other members.

Windscreens – just a few notes. The original screens in Okas are held in place by the windscreen rubber or weatherstrip. This system has been around forever, some vehicles were designed to have locking strips as well. Not all these rubber weatherstrips needed windscreen sealer as some vehicles were designed to let the water drain out of the bottom. The other systems available were the vulcanising tape - these were available in cold and hot tape and were obviously put between the screen and the body. The hot ones had an element inside the tape that you connected to 24V which melted the tape to the screen and body. This system was popular in the 1970s. I haven’t seen it used for a while. I can understand somebody using this system as cleaning up stickerflex inside a vehicle can certainly be a messy job.

Most vehicles today use urethane (stickerflex) including primers. As most modern vehicles today glue (stickerflex) all their fixed glass, this then becomes a structural part of the vehicle and is very strong. In some cases, vehicles had to be put on blocks to remove and replace the front screens as the body lost its integrity. Putting in a filling panel may not be such a great idea because by the time you prepare the panel, make the filling panel, spot weld it in, then prime and paint, it would be probably just as cheap to make a larger screen.

Being in the smash repair business for many years, I have fitted quite a few screens but as like all panel shops now, it is easier to subcontract the work out. Gluing the screen (stickerflex) is certainly more forgiving and easier and less chance of cracking the screen, as putting it in with a weatherstrip, the old fashioned way, is more risky and time consuming. Some places that fix screens may have a small print clause saying they don’t take any responsibility for the actual screen. Some places will wear it if they break it, but some may not.

Food for thought. Paul Crompton.
Paul & Sue Crompton

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Tony Lee
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I reset the DIP switches to correct the error -.

For my 19.5 tyres the settings are (AND this is as seen looking in the mirror)

From left to right Down Up Down Up Down Down Up Up

Repeat - this is as you see it using the mirror

July 31, 2010 at 8:36 AM

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