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Mark Pain
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Hi all,
attached to the chassis, just below the clutch is a rocker assembly that transfers the vertical movement produced by the clutch pedal to the clutch cable. There are two eyes on the arms, one attaching to the rod from the pedal and the other attaching to the clutch cable. There is some sort of bearing in these eyes. Does anybody know what sort of bearing/bush these are? Mine are in desperate need of replacement.

Mark Pain
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Tony Lee
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Many bearing sellers ie Bearing Services usually have these sort of rod ends. May need to take one in to make sure you get the right eye size and thread

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Peter & Sandra James Oka 374
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I think you will have to replace the whole joint, most bearing resellers will have them, probably on the shelf. I "think" they are called rose joints.
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March 7, 2011 at 6:59 AM

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