Hundreds of spectacular free camps in South Australia.

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Now I have your attention, I will tell you where and how. :D
For a few years, Margaret and I have been members of two "Friends of Parks" groups in South Australia. We belong to Friends of the Great Victoria Desert (FGVD) and Friends of the Simpson Desert Parks (FOS) .
There are about 150 different groups, so plenty to choose from and no doubt, they are all different in how they operate and what their primary objectives are. Many members are from interstate. The groups are supported by National Parks.
Membership of the 2 groups that we support costs $25 per year and they enable us to visit some country not normally open to tourists.

We are just about to join a FGVD trip. We will be taking photos and drone footage of vegetation at various established points along the way as part of a long term photographic record. There are many established photo points and we try to get new pics at each one about every 4 years.
DEW (National Parks) supports us physically and financially to do this interesting work. They provide safety and security with sat phones and a daily reporting procedure, and they usually provide a financial contribution to our fuel expenses.
Many of the members are knowledgeable in regard to the flora and fauna that we encounter and the sharing of that knowledge provides significant additional interest for us. There will be 5 or 6 vehicles in the group and we will be in the desert for about 10 days.

Back to the topic of this post......
Traditionally, we would not spend a lot of our travel time in National Parks due to the cost, but any Friends group Member who contributes 40 volunteer hours in a year gets free entry and free camping in all of South Australia's National Parks.
That is a pretty big deal for us. As a result, we are now actively exploring as many South Australian National Parks as we can. And there are some beauties.

Just as an example, on the way for this trip, we spent one night at the Baroota Ruins camp ground in the Mount Remarkable National Park. That would normally cost $10 for vehicle entry (concessional rate) plus between $24 and $34.50 per night (depending on the site). Our price = ZERO.
We have spent the last week on the coast south of Ceduna in 2 small National Parks - Wittelbee Point and Laura Bay. That would normally cost about $100 for the week. Our cost ZERO.

So, join a Friends of Parks group, get to some great new places, learn some new stuff, put something back into this great country and save some money along the way.
Pretty good deal, I reckon.

Cheers, Peter.
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